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Dentures are the custom made replacements for the missing teeth and an individual may take them out or put them back again. Nowadays dentures have a more natural feel than before and they are very comfortable. Dentures can replace your missing teeth and also enhance your smile. The facial muscles might sag making you look older without the support offered by these dentures. They also help you in eating and speaking more comfortably.

Implant supported dentures are a type of overdenture that is usually supported and attached to a dental implant. The regular denture will rest on the gum without the support of the implants. The implant supported denture can be used by an individual who does not have any teeth in their jaw but has adequate bone in their jaw that is capable of supporting implants.
Since the regular dentures are mostly unstable in the lower jaw, the implant-supported dentures are mainly done for the lower jaw.

The regular dentures that are designed to fit in the upper jaw are usually stable on their own and they do not need any extra support given by the implants. However, you may receive the implant supported dentures in either side. An individual should take off the implant supported denture for daily cleaning just as with the regular dentures. You should never sleep with the implant supported denture at any given time. Your dentist in Atascadero will advise you on the best denture that is perfect for you.

How They Work

The main types of the implant-supported dentures are the ball retained and the bar retained dentures. Both dentures are made of acrylic base that is designed to look like the normal gums. Acrylic or porcelain teeth that have a natural look and are later attached to the base.

a. The Bar Retained Denture

With this type, a thin metal bar will follow the curve of the jaw and will be attached to around three implants that are placed in the jaw bone. Clips or any other types of attachments are then fitted to the dentures, bar or both. The dentures will fit into the bar and then clipped by other attachments.

b. The Ball Retained Dentures

With this type, a stud attached denture and every implant in your jawbone will hold a metal attachment that will fit into another attachment on your denture. These attachments in most cases are ball shaped and they perfectly fit in the sockets of a person’s denture. In some cases, however, the dentures may hold the ball implants while the implants may hold the sockets.

The Process of Implant

Most implants are normally placed in the front jawbone of your mouth since there is more bone in front as compared to the back jaw. After losing a tooth, you may also start losing the bone in that region. Another reason why the implants are placed in the front jawbone is because there are fewer nerves hence the implant placement could just have minimal interference with other structures.

The time to complete the implant is affected by several factors but generally, for a lower jaw implant, it can take around five months while the upper jaw may take up to seven months. During this time, a person may undergo surgeries and placement of the dentures. However, if preliminary procedures or a bone graft have to be done, the process may take even a year to complete.

There are usually two surgeries done. In the first surgery, the dental implant is placed in your jawbone under your gum. In the second surgery, the tops of your dental implants are exposed. The second surgery may take place after three or more months after undergoing the first one. Sometimes, a one stage procedure may be undertaken. In this procedure, the dentist will put the implant and the supporting bar in a single step. The success rate of this procedure is very high.

Tips for Caring For Your Dentures

• Do not let them dry out. You should place in plain water or soak them a soaking solution of denture cleanser if they are not in use. Do not use hot water because it can cause them to wrap.

• Always brush your dentures. Cleaning them on daily basis will help in removing the dental plaque and food. It will also prevent them from being stained.

• Maintain hygiene of your mouth. Brush your tongue and gums and ensure to palate each morning using a soft brush. This will enhance blood circulation in your tissues and will help in removing plague.

• Consult your dentist. In case, the denture cracks, become loose, chip or break you should always consult your dentist. Attempting to adjust it by yourself may cause more damage.


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