Sedation Dentistry

Reasons Why CKFarr Is the Best in Sedation Dentistry

The modern dentists today use sedation dentistry to help individuals in overcoming the fear that they have regarding dentists. Some patients may experience dental fear or anxiety which could prevent them from receiving the best dental treatment and care for their teeth. The dentists use certain sedative drugs which can be in the form of nitrous oxide, pills, or gas so as to make the patient feel relaxed. The dental procedure will then be a comfortable procedure even for those patients who are extremely fearful.

The simplicity and easiness of the administration of this sedative are considered as one of the biggest advantages of sedation for a dental patient. The following are the reasons why sedation is used in CKFarr;

a. It is effective. Oral sedation effectively provides adequate comfort and relaxation levels to the patient who might have moderate or mild anxiety.

b. It can be easily administered to a patient. Sedation could be administered to an individual by just taking a pill.

c. Safety. A dentist can operate safely on a patient who has had sedation. The patients too can normally react after sedation has
been administered to them.

Sedation Techniques

1. Conscious sedation.

Some patients might experience anxiety when they visit our dentists. They could, therefore, fail to relax and sit in the chair long enough to get the best care or treatment to their teeth. The dentists can give this kind of individuals some medicines that could help in relaxing or even making them sleepy. This process is referred to as conscious sedation. Conscious sedation will help the patient in becoming more relaxed; though they will also respond to stimuli or voices that they hear. Conscious sedation may be administered through injection, pills, inhalation of gases or through intravenously.

2. Nitrous oxide.

It is also known as the laughing gas and is commonly used on the patients who experience moderate or mild anxiety. It is used to make the patient relaxed and help them receive treatment in a comfortable and safe way.The patient is given a mask and after inhaling the gas, they become less nervous. The patients remain awake after inhaling the gas; hence they can freely interact with the dentist.

3. Oral sedation.

Oral sedation is usually administered to the patients who are more anxious and need a much stronger medication than nitrous oxide. Some of this medications are administered orally, and the dentist considers the type of medicine based on the patient’s treatment, the level of anxiety, and their ability to cooperate.

4. General anaesthesia.

Some of the patients have to be unconscious so that the dentist can safely operate on them. General anaesthesia puts the patient to sleep; hence they cannot feel any pain when being operated on.

General anaesthesia can be used on patients who:

• Have a disability
• Require surgery or treatment that could be difficult when they are awake.
• Require a lot of dental procedures in a single appointment.


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