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Minimally Invasive Early Cavity Treatments


Minimally Invasive Early Cavity TreatmentsCavities occur in, not all, but most (90%) healthy people. At some point in your life, you’ll likely experience some cavity which will require a dentist’s care. Cavities in their earliest stages are not detectible by self examination and are without symptoms. The earlier the cavity is treated the smaller the restoration can be and the smaller the restoration is the longer it’s life. We concentrate heavily on early detection regardless of age. When detected (our patients always see a visual image of the cavity) we offer our patients appropriate treatment options which can frequently be accomplished with minimal or no numbing needed. And since Dr. Farr uses advanced technology, now you’re able to get most dental cavity issues resolved without the same kind of discomfort that used to be associated with dental visits involving cavities.

Being cavity free is an important part of your overall dental health

Perfect DentistIf you are physically aware of a cavity we take great care to provide you an anxiety and pain free treatment experience. We have special (locally compounded and pharmaceutically prepared) topical gel anesthetics, anti-anxiety medication and a full range of local anesthetic options to choose from as needed. Delayed treatment is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, with the fullness of our daily obligations many adults should just be proud of themselves for taking the time to land on this page. You’re one step closer to getting the treatment you may need!
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