Tooth Colored Fillings

White fillings or tooth colored fillings refers to the dental fillings which restore and copy the natural look of your tooth structure. Apart from restoring the teeth has decayed or fractured, tooth-colored fillings can also be cosmetically used in changing the shape, color, and shape of teeth. This particular quality is important in closing the openings between the teeth; fixing chipped teeth and making them look even more even and straight.

How Are The Composite Resin Fillings Placed?

The tooth-colored composite fillings are bonded chemically to the teeth. For this sole reason, the installation of the white fillings do not always need numbing of the area that will be restored. Numbing the area is usually needed in case tooth decay has worsened and has reached the enamel layer and straight into the core dentin layer that surrounds the tooth’s nerve. As soon as the decay has been removed, the tooth will be cleaned and weak acid is then applied to the area that is being restored. The weak acid (the primer) will open the pores in the dentin and enamel. A bonding agent will then be flowed into the pores that have been opened and cured.

The process of curing readies the bonding agent so as to stick to the tooth-colored filling material. This material is then put into the tooth gently. After the tooth-colored filling has been shamed to resemble the original anatomy of your tooth, it will be hardened through the process of curing with the use of a strong curing light. As soon as the white filling has been hardened, your bite will be assessed to ensure that the teeth fit perfectly together.

In case the tooth filling extend to the space between your teeth, our dentists will ensure that you can easily floss between them. Necessary adjustments will be made in case of any issues, it is then followed by polishing and smoothing of the new filling.


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