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Every patient is professionally treated with special care and attention making their dental cleanings an enjoyable experience. Educating our patients with a smile in a friendly environment is the key to success in treatment. Our Registered Dental Hygienists are dedicated to giving you the best care and smile you desire using the latest technologies and dental products.


Preventative care is the beginning to a healthy smile. It is important to visit your Dentist and Hygienist for routine exams and cleanings. Detecting early potential problems can lower unnecessary dental costs in the future. Routine dental cleanings not only prevent tooth loss but may detect early signs of disease that can cause or increase diseases such as heart disease, dementia, and complications of diabetes. Regardless of how long it is been since your last dental visit, we will help you achieve your goals for an affordable healthier smile.

Importance Of Dental X-rays

Radiographic X-rays not only diagnose dental decay but periodontal disease as well. Early horizontal bone loss associated with periodontal disease can be seen only with dental x-rays. Their diagnostic value can make the difference between dental prevention and advanced dental treatment.

Gingivitis Vs Periodontitis

Many adults have some form of gum disease called Gingivitis or in more severe cases Periodontitis. The condition ranges from mild inflammation to severe infections. “Gingivitis”, which is inflammation of the gums, is often reversible. “Periodontitis” is a more aggressive gum disease that attacks the connective tissues and supporting bone structures around the teeth causing early tooth loss.
Good oral home care and routine dental visits can prevent this from happening to you!

Signs of Gum Disease include:
* Bleeding , swollen, or red gums
* Pain while chewing
* Bad breath
* Sensitive teeth and receding gums
* Loose teeth

Treatment Of Gum Disease

Dental Cleanings Or Prophylactic Cleanings

When patients come in for their dental cleanings they are greeted with warm smiles and compassionate hearts. Each patient is very important to us and our practice. The patient’s medical history is reviewed and dental concerns are discussed. An oral cancer screening is performed to evaluate soft and hard tissues. Charting measurements of the soft tissues’ pocket depths are recorded and updated each visit to properly monitor any periodontal changes. Dental cleanings or Prophys involves the removal of dental plaque (the sticky soft biofilm that that contains millions of bacteria) from teeth using dental scalers, polishers and state of the art ultrasonic technics. These cleanings are performed with the intention to prevent dental cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Routine dental cleanings not only to prevent tooth loss but may detect early signs of disease that can cause or increase diseases in other parts of your body such as heart disease, dementia, and complications of diabetes.

Different Types Of Periodontal Treatment

When gum disease is more aggressive and patients are diagnosed with mild to mod periodontitis or have heavier calcium deposits under the gums, additional periodontal treatments are offered.

Medicated Periodontal Therapy

Is a non-surgical approach to removing or eliminating etiologic agents of dental plaque and calculus under the gums using local anesthetics for patient comfort. Root planing and soft tissue curettage is performed using dental scalers. ultrasonics and warm medicated agents to remove bacterial deposits on the root surfaces in pocket depths of 4-6mm. “Medicated” is referred to the different medicaments used to irrigate the pockets during scaling treatment for optimal healing. After patients have completed Medicated Periodontal Therapy they are then placed on a “Periodontal Maintenance” recall that is designed to monitor and control further progression of the disease.

Dr Farr and his highly trained staff are dedicated to making your dental visits comfortable, educational and motivating to improve your smile and dental health.
Call us for an appointment today and be a part of a healthier tomorrow.


If you’re ready for great dental care from a great dental team, contact CK Farr Dentistry in Atascadero, CA. Dr. Farr is eager to help you keep your mouth healthy in a low stress environment. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online form or call us at 805-461-3422.
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