Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are coverings or caps for a tooth. They may be used when the teeth are broken, cracked, discoloured, for heavily filled or when the filling in the tooth is lost. CKFarr has a variety of dental crowns. Our dentists advise our patients on the best options they should take depending on the crown’s location. They could recommend gold, resin, or ceramic crowns. The dentists use modern technology and their expertise to ensure that the new crown matches the shape and colour of your natural teeth. Depending on the situation of your teeth, the crowns can be fixed in either one or more appointments.

Why You Need Crowns

a. To cover worn out or discoloured teeth.

If your teeth may become darker with time or due to the beverage that are taken. The dentist can recommend a crown restoration after you have discussed the cause of discolouration. The crown will then be fabricated to resemble your natural tooth.

b. To replace a large filling.

Teeth that are heavily filled may be prone to de-bonding of the fillings or having fractures. To avoid future complexities that may arise due to fillings, your dentist can recommend a construction of a crown before the fillings become big to support a crown.

c. To prevent a tooth from fracturing or cracking further.

Teeth that have cracks may often become sensitive when biting hard or sticky foods, and if the crack is not corrected in time, it may result in a fracture. CKFarr dentists could recommend crowns for these individuals to protect their teeth.

d. To protect the root canal.

The root canal may be prone to fractures after they are filled. To prevent the tooth from bacteria or fractures, our dentists at CKFarr recommend the use of crowns.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are ceramic structures that are fitted in the gaps left after tooth extraction or by missing teeth or tooth. The natural teeth around the gaps are shaped to accommodate a crown then a bridge is securely bonded over those teeth. A CKFarr’s dentist takes an impression of your teeth then they use technology in designing ceramic teeth that will be inserted on the existing teeth. The dentists will ensure that the bridges match the same shape, colour, and function of a natural tooth.


If you’re ready for great dental care from a great dental team, contact CK Farr Dentistry in Atascadero, CA. Dr. Farr is eager to help you keep your mouth healthy in a low stress environment. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online form or call us at 805-461-3422.
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