Teeth Whitening


Making your smile brighter is as simple as paying a visit to your Atascadero dentist for a whitening treatment. You can also select one of the numerous available home treatment options. Using mouthwash or a whitening toothpaste, trying trays, strips, and pens are all the best methods that can be used in supplementing your ordinary oral hygiene results.

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth after Teeth Whitening

At times, after the whitening of the teeth, they become very sensitive. In case this happens, you will have several options that you can consider. They include:

Use of sensitivity toothpaste- The use of sensitive toothpaste that is formulated with these ingredients, for instance potassium nitrate so as to relieve the pain that is linked to the sensitivity of the tooth.

• Chew gum- Research carried out by scientists has demonstrated that large amounts of saliva is produced when chewing. This same act of chewing can also be used in distracting one from the pain.

• Keep away from any whiteness for some period of time. You should give your teeth a break and for a while stop using whitening products.

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Procedure?

A majority of people wish that their teeth were a bit whiter; however some are extremely nervous concerning the effects of bleaching. Is teeth whitening really safe?

The techniques that are used in tooth whitening have been extensively evaluated for several years, and the findings obtained at home and in the dental office are visually guaranteed. Carbamide peroxide, which is the active bleaching ingredient in a majority of whitening cosmetic products, yields hydrogen peroxide, this is according to the ADA (American Dental Association).

Rest assured the dental experts who can manufacture these particular products have toiled hard to ensure that tooth whitening is both efficient and harmless. You should keep in mind that there are a few side effects. They are usually three different areas of concern that you need to look at after you have whitened your teeth. They include dental restorations, the teeth themselves, and the gums (gingiva). The extent to which you will face the challenges in a whitening procedure will largely depend on the kind of treatment that you will go through, in-office or at-home.

Your Gums

Many people love chair side or in-house whitening care as it is done perfectly. What is intriguing with this type of tooth whitening is that the concentration of the bleach that is usually used in the process is much higher when compared to those that are employed in the home methods. Your dentist in Atascadero will utilize the bleaching lamp in trying to increase the general effect of this bleach on the teeth, thus allowing the results to be achieved more rapidly.

In case the bleach touches the gums, though, an irritation may develop. And regrettably, the higher your concentration, the grander it’s potential for irritation. Your dentist may use an exceptional safeguard mechanism on your roots and gums to ensure that the bleach stays harmless, any issue will typically disappear on its own, and the bleach shall be eliminated from the area.

When using the at-home technique, you can either use a dentist-prescribed system, which permits you to utilize a mouth-guard style tray that holds a gel in position; you can also decide to use an OTC (Over-the-counter) product. An OTC product can be in the form of strips, trays, a rinse, or toothpaste. These former products can either be custom-fitted or localized to the surfaces of your teeth and hence are attractive to those who are already suffering from any type of gum disease.

Your Teeth

This is the next most common example of tooth sensitivity. Some individuals are already suffering from tooth sensitivity even before they undergo a whitening procedure. In case you have sensitive teeth, go for the toothpaste that will give you relief. These kinds of toothpaste will protect your enamel when a bleach agent is used. However, there is still a possibility of transient sensitivity. This happens in a case where your teeth react to very extreme temperatures. This generally does not continue for a long period of time, unless you had pre-existing enamel issues before which would warrant a dental check-up.

Fractured structures, broken fillings, and tooth with decay can create a more substantial and lasting discomfort; however no harm will befall the enamel in circumstances like these.

Your Restorations

There have been several cases that have suggested that the use of bleach can affect dental amalgam- or the silver fillings, and make them discharge mercury. Though numerous practices have decided to stop this kind of restoration, the AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) has assured the public that it is not an actual health problem.


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