Top 5 Reasons To Consider Professional Teeth Cleaning

No matter how smart you are in cleaning your teeth, harmful bacteria may still find their way into your mouth. These bacteria are harmful to your health, and it is just prudent that you seek professional help as soon as you can. With several studies indicating that 90% of adults have gum diseases, the worst mistake you can do is not to consult the professionals—the dentists and hygienists. If you don’t have a dentist in Atascadero, here are some of the reasons you should consider professional teeth cleaning:

  1. Helps to prevent gum disease (gingivitis)

If left unattended to, gum disease may cause infection of the tissues surrounding your teeth. Gum disease may also cause bone loss if it is not treated early. Even if we are to assume that gum diseases have no effect on tissues surrounding teeth, who would want to have this infection? Of course no one! If you are to prevent gum disease, then you surely need to seek the services of the experts.

  1. Help in detection of oral cancer

According to the recent studies, almost one person dies every hour from oral cancer. Oral cancer is a deadly disease, and if we are to put an end to it, then we have to take precautionary measures. One such measure is to opt for professional teeth cleaning. Normally, when you opt for professional teeth cleaning, you are screened for oral cancer. This increases the chances of early detection of this deadly disease.

  1. Plays a crucial role as far as having an healthy smile is concerned

A beautiful smile is epic. It makes you feel confident and more satisfied with yourself. It is almost obvious that your social life improves greatly when you feel confident about yourself. However, what most people do not know is that a feeling of confidence opens up the door of opportunities in your career as well. If you are to get and maintain a healthy smile, then you need to consider professional teeth cleaning.

  1. Maintains good oral health

Regular visits to the dentist will allow your hygienist to follow up on your oral health and compare them with previous results. In case your dentist discovers that you have fallen off the track during the regular checkups, they will put you back on track immediately. During these visits, your dentist closely examines you to find out whether there are any signs of problems with your gums and teeth. Professional teeth cleaning plays a crucial role in early detection of infections, making it easy for hygienists to treat these infections.

  1. Maintains a good overall health

Research studies have proved that there exists a relationship between poor oral health and inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other problems such as stroke and premature birth. And since most experts seems to be in agreement with this, you need to take an initiative as early as you can. Professional teeth cleaning will see you keep your gums and teeth healthy. You will also be in a position to better manage other complications if you have your teeth cleaned regularly by dentists.

No matter how minute you dental problem is, you should consider having your teeth cleaned by a professional. The above are some of the reasons why you should consider professional teeth cleaning. 


If you’re ready for great dental care from a great dental team, contact CK Farr Dentistry in Atascadero, CA. Dr. Farr is eager to help you keep your mouth healthy in a low stress environment. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online form or call us at 805-461-3422.
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